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Jaco Electrique is a medium size electrical company whose express purpose is to meet all the electrical needs of its customers. Top quality is our driving force and everything we do is done with passion, diligence and total customer satisfaction in mind.

We always give that special touch rooted in respect and consideration to all our customers, and we listen. We design and deliver solutions that exactly meet all requirements including safety, and we always deliver on time.

And if customers want something more or something different, we always have their backs. To us, quality is not an act, it is a way of life.

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From a young age, Jacob Fried, the owner of the company, had a fascination for anything electric. His parents would say he saw the electrons coursing through wires in his mind and understood their power to animate objects. Jacob was only two years old when he got his very first electric motorcycle. He quickly proceeded to take it apart and study its electrical components, perhaps hoping to see where his friends the electrons lived. His father humorously claimed the toaster would be his son’s next victim.

As he grew, Jacob turned his attention to his toys, dismantling them and then reassembling them with astounding success. He had the touch; he had that special calling that would not go unanswered. One day, electricity would be his life, of that he was absolutely certain.

In 2003, he married the woman of his dreams in Belgium and had his first child. Luckily the child had no electric parts so he was safe from being stripped to pieces. Five other kids followed—Jacob was truly the embodiment of the family man. Eventually, he moved back to Montreal and began working as a manager in a local grocery, while attending electric school. In no time at all, he became an electrician at half the pay, to pursue his passion.

He was fortunate to be mentored by a master electrician who shared his passion, and taught him the value of quality, honesty, respect, and reverence for customers, who provided him with an outlet for his passion and a livelihood. His mentor repeatedly told him to go the extra mile and that it would pay off, if not now then later on.

And it did. Against all odds, Jacob was among the first in the Hassidic community to enter the construction industry, fully licenced and ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. He opened his own company, and his well-established reputation of honesty and quality work allowed him to hit the ground running.

A year after opening, Jacob’s old boss was stricken with cancer, and he took over his business and promised his old boss the business would continue to flourish and that he would always be the face and soul of the company. Three years later, he passed and Jacob vowed to turn the company into a powerhouse, nothing less would do to honor his memory.

Starting with a small unassuming red car and a palette of small jobs, the business under Jacob’s unwavering leadership soon acquired one service truck, then two, then three to meet the growth in projects; from one month to the other, job quality and size steadily increased. Jacob was thrilled to fulfill his promise to his old boss. Today, Jaco Electrique employs over 20 people, all sharing his vision and enthusiasm, and tackles all types and sizes of projects, including massive endeavors like the Snowdon Theater and Lumenwerkx. We are here to serve, and no job is too small or too big for us.

What our clients are saying...

Since we started as a small company, Jaco was there by our side, and made sure we grew the right way by helping with planning, and going the extra step when we needed to fast-track. Their business is built on strong core values, and they respect and appreciate their team members and everyone they come in contact with. It’s always a pleasure when they show up to solve our electrical issues.

Dovid Russ, President


Unsure of the implications and the cost of a huge project we had to outsource immediately after purchasing a new building to house our operation, we took a chance on Jaco and hoped for the best. Jaco proved itself to be honest, fair, caring and delivered a high-quality product in a timely manner. We continue to call upon Jaco every time we have a new project.

Jonathan Rich, EVP Finance & Operations


Being a local butcher, we’re constantly evolving and trying new things. We recently had a fire and consequently had to move to a new location. Jaco, well aware of what we really needed, convinced us to install a hulking transformer three times the size of what we needed at the time, with the conviction that we would need the larger size very soon. They were right. They looked beyond the present and envisioned the growth of our business, and like a prophesy fulfilled, in the months leading to this day, our customer base exploded; we’re a few customers away from full capacity. Jaco’s foresight saved us time, money, and frustrations. We had all we needed right away for a fraction of the price. And of course, every time the Jaco crew comes by to inspect and maintain our major-league generator, cold cuts are free.

Avi Fried, CEO

Mehadrin Butcher

Jaco saved the day. When we bought our building, we redid it from top to bottom. And of course a serious challenge arose that required us to have a generator. The place already had one, but it was in bad shape. Instead of just telling us that the generator was too old and insisting on replacing it with a new one, Jaco went above and beyond to get the existing generator to function properly. The money we saved was huge, but not as huge as Jaco’s heart. They truly cared about us—that’s so refreshing. To this day, Jaco is our premium partner for all things electric.

Yossy Moskovitz, President

Master Kid / Lolly Pop

Knowing Jacob while he was still working as an apprentice, we knew that once he opened his company, he would be the right electrician to service our plant. They didn’t disappoint, they understood our needs and acted accordingly, insuring we had the least production interruptions possible. Jaco is our go-to solution whenever we have electric work to complete.

Herschel Lowy, C.O.O.

Marina Del Rey
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